neked_munka_nekem_alom_2016_Frei_09JOB for you, DREAM for me! programme is a new project of Salva Vita Foundation with the aim of bringing people with disabilities and employers together for one day to promote equal employment opportunities. We believe if we make opportunity for employer and disabled people to meet personally, fear and false information regarding disabilities can be reduced; the positive contribution people with disabilities can make at work can be highlighted.

JOB for you, DREAM for me! Day is an adaptation of the Irish Job Shadow Day organized by IASE (Irish Association of Supported Employment) for years.


In the course of this day, disabled participants explore the world of work by ‘shadowing’ someone (the workplace mentor) in the workplace as they go about their normal working routine. In this way, the program affords people with disability the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work. They get a chance during this day to take a look at an environment that was a dream for them, furthermore, they can learn more about job requirements and employers’ expectations.

Meanwhile employers can promote and encourage an inclusive workplace, and are able to demonstrate their commitment to equal employment opportunities. Colleagues at work gets to know a person and his/her special circumstances, for which they had no, or barely any personal experience.

The disabled participants arrive to the workplace with prepared mentors who help build the relationship between the two parties.



In the course of the JOB for you, DREAM for me! Day in 2015, 15 disabled people and 15 employers met in person on 22nd April in Budapest.

On the 27th of April in 2016, this special open day was organized not only in Budapest, but in five additional countryside cities: Pécs, Szekszárd, Miskolc, Szeged and Debrecen with the participation of more than 40 disabled people.


To increase social awareness and to make the new project well-known in Hungary, national media campaign was organized around the event in 2015-2016.

The intense media campaign helped us to give a message to the whole Hungarian society. We would like to encourage millions of people to make relationships with disabled people and to give a chance to them. Together with all this, we also would like to encourage all the disabled people to believe in their dreams.



Our long-term plan is to make the event regular, we would like to organize and hold the JOB for you, DREAM for me! Day in every year, in the month of April, at more and more locations. Each year we would like to motivate new civil organizations to be the host of this event locally, so they can organize this special day in every April together with us.

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